We help you with

  • Book Launch
  • Book Signings
  • Bookstores
  • Book Events
  • Book Submissions to various online book sites
  • Book Ads
  • Book Trailers


Benefits are different for everyone. We want you to know that you will get what you want and if we do not have it or do it, we will research who does, or we will learn.

We offer various marketing options for you to help you market and sell your books. Books do not sell on their own. You need a little push.

Get the best options for your unique style, niche market, and audience.

Marketing Solutions

Benefits we Provide

  • All information is supplied to the client
  • The website, Social Media, Accounts, etc. (We do not withhold your information or access to your accounts)
  • Able to see your products from the very start
  • Affordable pricing for marketing and content editing
  • We provide constant exposure through one on one, visiting bookstores, talking at events, and more
  • Full disclosure to the social media, blog, and websites
  • Regular posting on The Ghoster blog and social media

Giving back to the community and offering some valuable help to authors will always be at the core goals of the Ghoster. That is why many have already reached their fullest potentials after depending much on the site. One more thing is that they work with social media, websites, email marketing and blogs.