Shop around for a company that gives you access and shows you how to do your website. ASK questions. There are no stupid questions except for the ones you do not ask.

  • Book Formatting  -  $0.004 per word
  • Coaching  -  $35 per activity
  • Coaching subscription  -  $50 a month
  • Consultation  -  $45 this fee is Not refundable.
  • Content editing  -  $0.002.5 per word
  • Maintenance Subscription  -  $30 to $50 a month, depending on your needs
  • Social Media set up  -  $100
  • Tutoring, non The Ghoster products  -  $50 hour
  • Tutoring, The Ghoster products  -  $30 an hour
  • Website and Social Media set up  -  $70 discount
  • Website set up  -  $300 - $500

We work with your budget. If you cannot make the full payment, we only require a half upfront, and the rest in 2 payments.

If you are on the maintenance subscription for at least a year, your initial payment is $60, and the balance is broken down and added to the subscription.


During the consultation expect that they will go over each detail of your specific needs. Before the hourly rate changes, these will somehow depend on your needs and on what we will do for you and the time that it will take. If we reach an agreement within 15 days, we will credit the $45 to your contract.