Emalyn’s Treasure

Since the time she was six years old, the Lady Emalyn has kept a treasure hidden in the cushion of a green velvet chair, a treasure no other living soul has seen, not even her beloved husband, Owen, or her devoted housekeeper, Fiona. When Emalyn discovers Fiona’s young son Percy in her room, she fears for the safety of her treasure. And when an old beggar and his dog appear along the road by her home, she learns that they are treasure hunters. Horrified that they might discover her treasure, Emalyn tells her husband to send the beggar away. But when a series of unforeseen tragedies changes their lives forever, Emalyn is forced to relinquish the treasure she has held so dear. As she and her beloved husband Owen begin a journey into a world that neither of them could have imagined, Emalyn learns the value of the true treasures in her life.

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