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We help you learn to work with your own Website Builder to create your personalized website. Our clients find that having control of their own website is a great benefit for their marketing needs.

You Should Have Access to your Website

A Website is a Virtual Business Card or Brochure of you as a professional or as a business. This is where you show your current and future clients your work or what you offer. As well as when and where new products will come out or be presented. Your website is your gateway to your readers. Download The Ghoster’s Ebook for FREE.

Don’t you know how to access your account? What are the account number, password, invoices, et.? Can’t get a hold of the person who did your website? Do you have to pay extreme amounts of money just to change something on your site?

These are common problems many authors have lately. I have spoken to many clients in the Las Vegas area, and they don’t know anything about their websites. Some are on the brink of closing their websites because they can’t do anything with it.

You should have access to your website account. You should be able to make minor changes and have the ability to update your apps or services. Change is a constant factor in the life of a writer. You have a new book, you’re scheduled for a book signing, you have a presentation on your subject, etc. If you don’t have control, you’re being locked into a situation that you might be losing financial opportunities.

Shop around for a company that gives you access and shows you how to do your website. ASK questions. There are no stupid questions except for the ones you don’t ask.

You should demand the following from the person that makes your website. Response time should be within 24 hours.

We walk you through the process:

  • Setting up your account with The Ghoster
  • Choosing a template that works for you
  • How to use the Drag and Drop format
  • Change, modify and move images
  • Use Headers for best SEO
  • Create, Delete, Modify pages
  • More