The Ghoster―Trusted in Helping you to Self-Publishing, Book Coaching and Author Websites

Many have the interest in selling their books and publishing them further to book websites and author websites for good publicity. Authors enjoy the opportunity of having it published and marketed to a wide range of people.

Good thing, The Ghoster was established for, poets, authors, and writers. This is a reliable and dependable author platform that is beneficial for them, particularly when promoting services, books and upcoming book signing events.

Here are the benefits to obtain from the author platform:

  • All Information is provided to the client
  • Webmasters get access to their specific and personal records.
  • Able to see their products from the very start.
  • Affordable price for marketing and content editing
  • Provides constant exposure to small companies and independent professionals to increase their sales
  • Full exposure through social media, blog, and web by small businesses and independent professionals
  • Reach of the fullest potentials of small businesses and independent professionals

At a charge of $45 for the initial consultation, expect that they will go over each detail of your specific website needs. Prior to the hourly rate changes, these will somehow depend on your needs and on what they will do for you and the time that it will take.

Giving back to the community and offering some valuable help to authors will always be at the core goals of the Ghoster. That’s why many have already reached their fullest potentials after depending much on the site. One more thing is that they work with social media, websites, email marketing and blogs.

Make your appointment now and discuss with them your wants, needs and budget. Never hesitate it further in asking help from them for social media, website, book coach and consulting!

Small Businesses Too

We also offer services to small business such as,  Massage Therapists, Call Centers, Tax Preparers, and more.